Eat food from farmers markets.
Drink good tea each morning.
Read books that make you feel.
Paint, even if you’re awful.
Write, even when you have nothing to say.
Sit in the fresh air outside.
Go on hikes.
Swim in lakes and wade in streams.
Sleep as long as you need.
Work hard at what you love.
Work hard at what you hate.

Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

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How about this one?

Eat whatever the fuck you want
Drink whatever the fuck you want
Read whatever the fuck you want
Do whatever the fuck you want
Paint if you want
Write if you want
Or don’t.

Sit outside, or sit inside
Stare at a computer screen and make connections you never could otherwise
Sleep as much as your body needs but also don’t sleep in and lose your job
Most of us need money to survive
But remember to shut down sometimes and rest

Work hard at what you love, if you can
Work hard at what you hate, if you need to.
Maintain healthy, balanced relationships.

These things might make you happy
But also they might not
Because it’s life and sometimes it’s all out of control
And that’s fucking okay

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This is amazing

tedwards19 said: You recently posted about severing bonds between individuals. I'm a Virgo and I have created a lot of bad connections that might be good to clean up...would you mind expanding on this process??

Well in general you need access to the individual you want to sever yourself from. Also this is not a thing to take up lightly. Nor is it always a step you need to take, this is because you are literary ripping out a piece of your soul. You will never get that piece of yourself back. Ever.

It is also not a practice I give out without a price.


Chet Faker’s new video for Talk Is Cheap done by Toby And Pete!!
Severing the Soulmate Link


How do you do it?
I dont care how much it hurts or what it takes. Ive been pushed too far and after 7 years im done of being haunted.

This is a thing I have helped quite a few people with. However its not a simple thing to do. Like you mentioned it can hurt. The problem is that a very strong bond has been formed. Now knowing what type of bond is very important, as different bonds require different methods of severing. The other problem that can arise is if the bond is not severed completely it will simply regrow. In almost every case this requires severing the bond at the soul, which can be a no fun experience. I’ve seen people completely loose it when this happens because of the pain or the overwhelming emotional feedback or even the pressure of the energy required. You also have to keep in mind that removing the roots of a bond will cause a hole in the soul that needs to be healed afterwords.

Message me if your interested and we can talk in detail about all of it.


Slavic mythology: Morana, the Goddess of Death and Winter
All things must die and she provides their endings. When the time comes, she crushes the soft petals of blooming flowers and infects them with decay. She breathes frost into their green veins and watches them wither under the weight of her ice. Everything dies and she is the end. She is the winter whiteness and the chill of the December darkness. Her beauty is black, her touch fatal. And she is necessary, for without her to remind us of it, life would not be truly appeciated. She is death, yet she gives life wings. She is Morana, the Goddess of Death and Winter.

Disappearing act