mythology meme:  [6/8] myths, legends, and stories
↳ izanagi no mikoto and izanami no mikoto

Part of the Japanese creation myth, the story of Izanagi and Izanami tells of the birth of the eight great Japanese islands (at least the ones that were part of ancient Japan). Izanagi and Izanami played a part in both Kamiumi and Kuniumi, the birth of the gods and the birth of the lands.
Of the seventh and last generation of the great Kamiyonayo, Izanami and Izanagi would be responsible for both the birth of the Japanese islands as well as the birth of other gods, who’d later become deities. Although the beginning of their union was rocky, they succeeded. They had a great many children, but during the birth of Kagutsuchi, the god of fire, Izanami died from the severe burns. Izanagi killed Kagutsuchi and descended into Yomi, the underworld, to plead for his wife’s return. 
He found Izanami, but she stayed in the shadows of Yomi and told him she’d already eaten the food of the underworld and therefore belonged with the dead. However, Izanagi refused to take ‘no’ for an answer and after long negotiations, Izanami asked for a night’s rest before she returned to the world of the living with her husband, and warned him not to come to her bedroom. After waiting a long time, Izanagi got curious and entered the room. Using a comb from his hair, he made it into a torch, and in the beam of light he saw his once beautiful wife’s rotting and horrid form. Terrified, Izanagi fled while Izanami sent shikome after him. Eventually, Izanagi managed to exit Yomi, and rolled a large stone in front of its entrance. Izanami yelled from behind the stone that she’d kill a thousand people every day since he’d abandoned her. Izanagi answered that he’d give life to a thousand and five hundred. 


How to start on energy balls.

Take a long deep breath and focus intently. Block the rest of the world out and move with intent. Hold out your right hand palm up and flat. Pull the energy from the flow around you, with your will. Pull it into the palm of your hand. You will feel a sensation if you have done it right, It is different for every person. Now form it into a ball. Make the edges crisp and defined. Once you have a solid ball rotate it counter clockwise. To end the cycle crush the ball with your hand to disperse the energy. If you drop it or throw it you are sending your energy into the world and it will linger. Your energy is a direct connection to you and others can use it against you. Repeat until you fulfill all the steps in under three seconds.

If you are new to energy work this will wear you out so know your limits. Push to much and you can make yourself I’ll. But the more you practice the moire and more energy you can manipulate.

Now a lot of wiccan teachings tell you to put roots into the earth to draw energy for workings, this only works for some people. Some have better luck drawing it from the air or from water, even fire. Every person is different and their energy reflects this. Try to think of some environment where you feel energized and emulate that until you find what works for you.

And as a side note yes you can hurt people with energy, I’ve seen it leave bruises or cramp up peoples muscles. So take responsibility for your actions, there is always a bigger fish. You can also heal people with energy. Though you can do far more harm than good if your ignorant or untested in that subject. But once you have the basic concepts down you can move energy to fuel workings, create shields, and manipulate your environment.

But that’s a very basic rundown. Have fun.

How to start with Shields.


The shield will be one of your most utilized skills, so mastery should be a paramount focus. It can take years of constant practice for you to make a proper shield. One that you can call up in an instant, and reliable enough to withstand attacks. Making and maintaining a shield takes a considerable amount of energy and concentration, maintaining a shield that is taking hits doubley so. The strength of the shield you create is directly related to the energy you put into it coupled with your willpower and focus.


The basics are laid out as such. (you should know how to gather energy and to shape it.)


Step one. Clear your head of all distractions and focus your breathing.   


Step two. Gather your energy focusing it into your hands and into your fingertips. Gather as much as you physically can because you will burn off a ton as wasted ambient energy in the beginning until you begin to anticipate how much you will need.


Step Three. Hold the energy. In your mind build a solid wall in front of you, it should be wide enough and tall enough to cover your body. Make the edge lines as crisp and vivid as you can. Hold this space in your mind do not let any part of it fade.


Step four. When you feel confident extend your hands fingertips touching where the inside of the wall would be. Allow the energy to flow slowly to fill the space where you are holding the wall in your mind. The hard part here is not losing the mental construct, if you do the energy will just flow out into the open space and you will lose the shield. If done right you will feel the energy compact into the space where the wall is. This feeling will be accompanied by a pressure against your fingers.


Step five. Maintain the shape of the energy with your will. keeping your hands outstretched. Try to pour more and more energy into the space making it a solid wall of energy.

This is just one type of shield and honestly one of the most basic.